16|10|09 :: HYPERBODY TU Delft | 16.30pm | Shifting Agency in Design _ Biothing|Alisa Andrasek
22|10|09 :: ETH Zurich | Embodied Patterns _ Biothing|Alisa Andrasek

12-23|09|09 :: Cv writer Alisa Andrasek teaching a workshop on Adaptive Agent Based Extreme Structures at the UTS Sydney

10|09|09 :: FRAC CENTRE ORLEANS: A_MAZE//BIOTHING exhibition

02|07|09 :: BIOTHING featured in the exhibition Transitory Objects organized by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary _ Vienna July 3 - October 31
ARTISTS: Alisa Andrasek / BIOTHING, John Bock, Monica Bonvicini, Hernan Diaz Alonso / Xefirotarch, Ksenia Ender, Dan Flavin, Rodney Graham, Florian Hecker, Nikolaus Hirsch & Michel Müller in Collaboration with the Cybermohalla Ensemble, Greg Lynn FORM, David Maljković, László Moholy-Nagy, Olaf Nicolai, Neri Oxman / MATERIALECOLOGY, Manfred Pernice, Matthew Ritchie with Aranda\Lasch and Arup AGU, R&Sie(n) / François Roche and Stéphanie Lavaux, Bojan Šarčević, Fred Sandback, Francesca Woodman, Cerith Wyn Evans. It is okay for you to say “I'm going to write my essay about it!”
Professional resumes
25|05|09 :: BIOTHING in a permanent collection at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
above::mesonic emission | BIOTHING with Ezio Blasetti | 07_09
bellow:: Agentware research 06_09 | directed by Alisa Andrasek |
AA DRL Probotics student team with BIOTHING | long-span roofscape STL model
link to a video featuring GENWARE: http://vimeo.com/4809346

Untitled from biothing on Vimeo.

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